Drugs from Plants: Opium poppy (heroin, morphine, codeine) Blue agave (Tequila) Coca leaves (cocaine) Ephedra sinica (Sudafed, meth) Psilocybin mushroom (shrooms) Willow bark (aspirin) Sassafras root (ecstasy) Penicillium mold (penicillin) Drugs from microorganisms: Belladonna alkaloids. Cinchona alkaloids. Cocaine alkaloids Ergot alkaloids Opium alkaloids. Rauwolfia alkaloids. Xanthine alkaloids Drugs need to be tested before they can […]

White blood cells produce a proteins which are called Antibodies, they are made when the white blood cell finds and unknown bacteria which they have never seen before this is called a Antigen when they find an Antigen the white blood cell will let the Antibodies they made lock on to the Antigen so when […]

The process of transpiration has multiple stages. First of all plants have Xylems this allows the plant to transport water around to the roots to the shoots and leaves of the plant. Plants have dead Xylems as well because they can store more water capacity. When the water is stored and the plant is ready […]

What is Shakespeare trying to communicate about life in this passage spoken by the character Macbeth? Shakespeare uses different techniques to communicate with his audience about life through Macbeth. First of all in the passage Macbeth says “she should of died hereafter there would have been a time for such a word”. Shakespeare is indicating […]

In act 5 scene 5 Macbeth finds out his wife has died and then says that she should of died afterwards because he has no time to mourn her with this upcoming battle he has too much on his mind, he is also saying how life can go within a instant at this point I […]

In my opinion I think Macbeth is an equivocator. The reason being is because he is undecided in many things for example when he was going to kill Duncan but he was saying how good he was and how he shouldn’t be killing him in his own house he should be the one protecting him […]

Glamis, and Thane of Cawdor the greatest is behind. Thanks for your pains

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